3/1/16 Fishing Report

The last month of ice fishing is upon us! We are fishing at 24-27 ft and are seeing mostly saugers in the 13-14″ range. Guests are also finding a few perch and smaller pike ranging from 18-24″. Our drivers/guides always recommend a set line on a bobber with smaller jigs, and the other line trying something active for jigging. A plain red hook tipped with a minnow at 2-3″ off the bottom has been the most consistent producer.
The Doug Schjei group from Brandon, MN, were in a sleeper the last three days.  They caught mostly saugers that were the good eating size. They went through their tackle boxes and had a good catch on most everything they used. Green and red were their favorites, however. They marked a lot of fish, but many chose not to bite. Upon checkout, they had eaten a good meal of fish and were filleting for the trip home, a good twenty plus fish.
We’re fishing from the Twin Island area to Cooker’s Reef. We are avoiding the ice crack and staying south of it, as we recommend all others to as well. Best of luck out there!

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