12/20/16 Fishing Report

Greetings from Arnesen’s Rocky Point! It’s our first fishing report of the season from Lake of the Woods. We’ve only been out for 4 days, but have had fair to good reports. Our houses are in front of the resort near Gull Rock Reef in 25-30ft. There are more walleye coming in than sauger. The ice is in good shape, but there are cracks out there. If you are fishing on your own, we advise caution as this is still early ice. Best of luck out there!


    • jeff enstad
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    • December 21, 2016

    Thanks for the update. Nice to hear the walleyes are biting and there is "good" ice!

  • I signed up about a week ago to receive the e-newsletter but have not had anything come through yet. daledeb@baldwin-telecom.net. thanks dale affolter

    • Hi, Dale! We typically send our e-newsletters out about once per month during the season. We will send you our Rocky Point Ripple via email so you can have something until our next e-newsletter. Thanks!

    • Alan Logeais
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    • December 31, 2016

    Thanks for the updates on the fishing reports. Looking forward to see all of you again!

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