5/24/17 Fishing Report

Here’s your latest fishing report from Captain Tim “Wingnut” Hill on beautiful Lake of the Woods!
“Fishing is one of the best starts I’ve had — bring extra bait because you’ll stay busy! Jigging with shiners or chubs is key. The fish are stacked tight to the bottom, so slow and low works well. Almost lay jig on the bottom and within a few minutes you’re hooked up. Reefs and Points are all catching fish. Use sonar to see what depth they’re at and stay vertical. 23′ and even 32′ have been where I’ve done best, just find structure and the fish are there.
The Clark group of six all had fish over slots and two more days catching 100+ fish. The Larson group also did well on the charter boat and landed about 100 fish per day. Their biggest were 31.5″, 28″ and 27.5″, plus bonus perch. The Dominise group also had over 100 fish caught. Their biggest was a 31″ walleye, 42″ pike and lots of perch.”

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