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Sleeper House Arnesen's Rocky Point Lodge Lake of the Woods
Lodging Lake of the Woods
Arnesens sleeper fish house
Arnesen's Sleeper Fish House
Ice Fishing Lake of the Woods
Arnesen's Sleeper Fish House
Arnesen's Sleeper Fish House
Arnesen's Sleeper Fish House

Rocky Point has an ice fishing experience like no other.

If you’re one of those fisherman who never wants to get off the lake, you’re in luck at Arnesen’s. We have overnight fish houses that allow you to stay on the lake — all day and all night. Think of it as a camping experience on the ice; but, you’re indoors with the gas propane heat keeping your group nice and cozy.

The houses hold a maximum of four guests and include the following: transportation, water, propane heat and lights, cookstoves with ovens, private toilet area, covered mattresses and live bait. We also provide toilet paper and garbage bags. Items to bring include: sleeping bags, pillows, cell phones, food, pots/pans, dishes, silverware, fishing poles and tackle. You are welcome to bring your own gas generator, as there is not electricity in the house. Grills are also acceptable to bring.

Arrival times vary from 9am to 4pm depending on whether you are fishing on your day of arrival. Other times can be arranged with management approval.

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