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Book Now For Ice Fishing 2024!

Book Now For Ice Fishing 2024!

We are already filling up for hard water season, but there are still dates available to book for the 2024 season on Lake of the Woods.

At Arnesen’s Rocky Point, guests enjoy a full-service ice fishing experience. We provide the transportation, fish house for the day and bait. Our guides check on you throughout the day. After fishing, guests can come back to shore for dinner at Rock Harbor Lodge or prepare your own dinner in a comfortable cabin with a full kitchen.

If you’re one of those fishermen who never wants to get off the lake, you’re in luck at Arnesen’s. There are overnight fish houses, aka “sleeper houses” that allow you to stay on the lake — all day and all night. Think of it as a camping experience on the ice; but, you’re indoors with the gas propane heat keeping your group nice and cozy.

Whether you are in a day house or an overnight house, ice fishing at Rocky Point provides hours of entertainment. Please call us at 218-442-7215 to reserve your ice fishing trip. We look forward to hearing from you!

Book Now for Ice Fishing!