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We’ve complied a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your ice fishing trip.

Do you have a public access or an ice road?
No, we do not plow roads from Rocky Point. We have a groomed trail for our track vehicles only. 

What is the fishing limit for walleye and sauger?
The walleye/sauger aggregate limit is six (no more than four can be walleye). Walleye from 19.5 through 28 inches must be immediately released. Only one walleye over 28 inches total length may be possessed. 

Do I need to bring an ice auger?
No, our guides drill fresh holes for you each morning.

Are there chairs in the fish houses?
Yes, there are folding chairs provided in each house. Some guests choose to bring a chair pad for extra comfort.

What kind of bait should I use in the winter?
As part of our fishing/lodging package, we provide fat head chubs.

What type of rod and reel is best?
The best poles to use are about a 28″ medium to medium-heavy pole. We recommend a durable spinning reel.

What line is best for ice fishing?
We recommend an 8 to 10 lb. test. The no-stretch line is also popular.

What type of jigs should we use?
Buck shot lures, Lindy Rattlin’ Flyer Spoons, Gem-n-eyes, Rocket Spoons, Swedish Pimples

Are there any hot colors?
Traditionally, the best colors for ice fishing are red, gold, pink and orange.

What is best — underwater camera or Vexilar?
Because the water is murky, cameras aren’t as useful on Lake of the Woods. We recommend a Vexilar (like a sonar locator). Our guides rent them to guests for if you do not have one of your own. Please make sure to reserve in advance.

What type of gear will I need to catch a trophy pike?
Tip-ups with quick striking rigs. If you would like to use a rod instead of tip ups, we recommend using a Clam Arctic Warrior with a heavy duty trout rod spooled with 40 lb. braid. The season heats up in March.  All northern pike in possession must be less than 30 inches or greater than 40 inches in length. All northern pike that are 30 to 40 inches in length, inclusive, must be immediately returned to the water. A person’s daily and possession limit for northern pike is three, and must not include more than one northern pike over 40 inches in length.

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