Overnight Fish Houses

Winter Ice Fishing ResortsRocky Point has an ice fishing experience like no other. If you’re one of those fisherman who never wants to get off the lake, you’re in luck at Arnesen’s. We have overnight fish houses that allow you to stay on the lake — all day and all night. Think of it as a camping experience on the ice; but, you’re indoors with the gas propane heat keeping your group nice and cozy.Winter Fishing

The houses hold a maximum of four guests and include the following: transportation, water, propane heat and lights, cookstoves with ovens, private toilet area, covered mattresses and live bait. We also provide toilet paper and garbage bags. Items to bring include: sleeping bags, pillows, cell phones, food, pots/pans, dishes, fishing poles and tackle. You are welcome to bring your own generator, as there is not electricity in the house. Grills are also acceptable to bring.

Winter Ice Fishing ResortsArrival times vary from 9am to 4pm depending on whether you are fishing on your day of arrival. Other times can be arranged with management approval.

The overnight fish house is truly a unique experience. Please let us know if you have additional questions or would like to discuss availability. We can be reached at 1-800-535-7585.


    • Cameron Lindner
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    • March 2, 2016

    I was wondering the availability of sleeper houses for arriving on 3/11 and leaving on 3/13? Thanks

    • Cameron - Yes, we have availability in our sleeper houses on those dates. Please call us at 218-442-7215 if you are interested in moving forward with a reservation or if you have any additional questions. Thank you!

    • Damion shaver
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    • November 28, 2016

    Was wondering how January 7&8 are looking for a 4 man party for 2 days and 2 nights

    • Damion - Unfortunately, we are full over those dates. Please call us at 218-442-7215 if you have some flexibility and we can look at other options. Thank you!

    • John Janota
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    • February 6, 2017

    What are you using for bait because I will be coming to stay at arnesen's at the end of the week

    • John - we provide fat head chubs as part of our winter packages. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

    • John Janota
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    • February 8, 2017

    How far out are we going to go. See you Thursdays afternoon is there a radio in the sleeper house.

    • John Janota
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    • February 8, 2017

    And how think is the ice thanks John

    • Butch
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    • February 20, 2017

    Can you eat fish in the sleeper shack

    • Butch - Yes, you are more than welcome to cook your fish in the sleeper house! We have a stove and oven in the overnight houses. You will need to provide your own pots and pans, though.

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